Being able to talk things out more clearly today & understand where each other was coming from - it meant a lot to me. Leave out the but or you should have and focus on how you contributed to the fight. When I think of you hurting, and when I hear you sniffling or crying, it breaks my heart. Let your partner know that you want to discuss this issue, but don't do so on the spot. Sadly, nobody has a perfect relationship because there will be days that you will argue and fight. And some dont let you get a word in edgewise. But it also depends on what the argument was about. Maybe you could text him something short & to-the-point like, "Checkin' in on u", or something to that effect. 12. Here are 11 cute sorry messages to send to your boyfriend after a fight. Take the initiative and text him first instead of waiting for him to do so. I can't stand arguing with you. Thank you for being understanding & kind, even in the midst of the stress of our disagreement. Short for snuggling, which is the life force. Tell him why his actions or words hurt or made you mad. Dont Wait Too Long to Get Back After the Fight. Make little efforts and show how much you love him by texting these cute little sorry messages. ... Sweet things to text your boyfriend after an argument to make him smile.and be happy? Should I text him first after a fight ? Here's how to say sorry in a sweet way to your boyfriend and get back with him. Similar to fighting, attempting to give an attitude to your BF over a text is a bad idea. This confirms to your partner that you still care and that the fight has not changed your feelings. Send your boyfriend the message first. Remember some of the most sweet text messages for him come from your own mind and heart. Comments for To My Love (after our biggest fight ever) Click here to add your own comments. Is it something shallow that can be resolved logically or something deep like if you caught him with another woman? Sex/oral sex. 11 Cute Sorry! Your fights will turn into a moment of love, connection and sexual tension, rather than a time of anger and hurt feelings. You need to give it a bit of a break after the two of you split up. This is never a good thing, but it is even more important when it comes to texting your ex. Shut off your phone, check in with him at night after you are done work and show him that you have some self-discipline by not cheating with anyone. All you can do is obey his directive, to show you are willing to change. Had a fight with your boyfriend? If you guys were fighting because of something he did, then let him know how you feel. So if you think fighting is complicated, try making up after a fight. Recognize that regardless of what the fight was about, you played a role in it. You have to wait and know how to recognize the right moment. Fights happen in all relationships, but they also make the relationships stronger. OK, but texting the wrong thing is pouring gas on fire. 1. Just like a card by: Anonymous ... My boyfriend just sent this to me. Even if you've both agreed that the fight is over, it can be hard to move past that situation and get back to where you were. After a fight, one should never try to blame the other for whatever just happened. Recovering from a fight can take time. SNUGS. The more trifling the reason for the argument, the earlier should be your request for forgiveness.